Purposeful, Equitable Employment

The sustainability of operations for the mine restarts in Namibia is a key focus for Consolidated Copper Corp. This notion of sustainability extends to the environment, as well as to the people with whom we engage. With both our Tschudi and Central Operations mines expected to be operational for the next decade, we are confident in our ability to provide long-term, reliable work for the robust Namibian mining workforce.

Consolidated Copper Corp has been able to re-employ the majority of the available workforce, which is beneficial in retaining the talent that possess an understanding of the mine, and for contributing to better employment outcomes in the communities in the mine’s surrounding areas.

Safety in Design, Safety of our People

A Zero Harm Strategy

A big focus for Consolidated Copper Corp is ensuring the safety of our workforce. Leadership at the Company has reflected the desire for ‘safety above all else’, via the implementation of a zero-harm target. The infrastructure and facilities at the Tschudi mine, developed by Weatherly International plc, are state-of-the-art and ready to be reutilised again.

At the time of mine restart earlier this year, there was a zero harm record of 1039 days (1.3-million-man hours) without any lost time injury. Consolidated Copper Corp is committed to maintaining this trend through to operation and beyond.

Consolidated Copper Corp will be conducting a rigorous review of previous mining methods at Central Operations, to ensure that future working conditions are as safe as possible. A target of the Company is to explore the possibility of electrification of mining operations, as a means of further solidifying safety practices across sites.

Responsible Copper Practices Paramount

Consolidated Copper Corp has recently placed emphasis on the creation of a ‘sub-brand’ that relays the importance of operating with integrity and consideration at every level of the business, to minimise risk of harm. To achieve this – in collaboration with an ESG consultant – Responsible Copper was developed. Accompanying messages are communicated with personnel as part of their training.

The ‘Responsible Copper’ identity exists on work uniforms and key infrastructure on site, a visual reminder to be conscious of process and the impacts of activities on site.

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