Sustainable Mining at Consolidated Copper Corp

Beyond extending the life of our mines, we seek sustainable operating practices that positively influence the environment, our workforce and local communities.

Invariably, mining operations impact environmental and social surroundings. Facing this reality, we acknowledge these impacts and continue to work with our stakeholders to identify solutions that mitigate risk.


We invest in green infrastructure.

Consolidated Copper Corp is dedicated to becoming a supplier of metals and minerals critical for clean energy technologies.

We are actively investing in infrastructure to reduce the effects of climate change from our operations and reduce our carbon footprint.

Currently, we are preparing proposals for a 10-12MW solar power plant at our Tschudi mine, to be constructed and connected to the greater grid network, enabling its power capacity to be shared with Central Operations.

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We prioritise our people.

We believe in the potential that people possess to make a difference in the world. By investing in the communities that neighbour our operations, Consolidated Copper Corp can provide opportunities to share knowledge and upskill people within the local workforce, so that as we grow, they are given the freedom to grow alongside us.

We focus on creating a safe working environment that prioritises our people, ensuring they return home to their families as safely as they arrive each day. Consolidated Copper Corp’s mining leadership has developed a zero-harm target, to make certain nothing short of a zero-harm record is accepted.

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We care for the communities in our project surrounds.

With mines that span the northeast and central Namibia, a number of communities are intrinsically linked to Consolidated Copper Corp.

Wherever possible, we strive to commit time and resources into initiatives that have a positive impact on both individuals and greater populations. Whether this be through training and employment opportunities, or investment in local infrastructure (including healthcare and educational facilities), our philosophy is centred upon ensuring that we are opening opportunities and contributing to growth that will last in the long term.

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We recognise the contributions copper can make to clean energy solutions.

Regarded as one of the oldest metals to be extracted and put to practical use, copper might not be the first commodity that comes to mind when considering the transition towards green energy solutions.

However, aside from being a constant in a multitude of traditional markets, copper is earning its stripes as a necessity in renewable energy technologies, as its properties make it a highly efficient conduit. In addition, copper is known to help reduce CO2 emissions, thus lowering the energy required to produce electricity.

Consolidated Copper Corp is positioned to market copper to emerging industries, for the benefit of the future development of renewables globally.

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