Aiming to be a ‘Turnkey’ Copper Producer

Consolidated Copper Corp (CCC) recognises the potential supply gap in the copper market. By leveraging the untapped potential of our existing Namibian copper assets, we’ve created an opportunity to reintroduce sustainable production across our operations. With low-capital intensity restart strategies, CCC is set to become a long-term, global supply solution for the green energy markets.

A Desire to Do Better - CCC Leadership

Consolidated Copper Corp benefits from the extensive operational and value creation experience of its founders, who have previously held positions at leading resource companies like Allied Gold Corporation and Glencore. This team brings a wealth of expertise, particularly in the successful planning and execution of sustainable mine restarts.

Robust Governance Strategy and Documentation

Consolidated Copper Corp prioritises transparent and ethical operations. Our commitment is reflected in our comprehensive Corporate Governance documentation, developed through extensive consultation and benchmarking. To ensure we align with evolving industry best practices, this documentation and its implementation will undergo regular reviews and updates.

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