Local Projects a Priority

Alongside goals to restart multiple mines in Namibia, Consolidated Copper Corp is driven to support the local populations in the surrounding areas of our operations. The ways that we can uplift communities in terms of healthcare, education and infrastructure improvement are being considered in depth as long-term operational planning gets underway.

Development of goals to advance local community outcomes is something we will seek to do in consultation with the people ultimately on the receiving end of the initiatives we implement. This ensures that there is alignment on what should be actioned as priority.

Where There’s a Well, There’s a Way

In the short term, Consolidated Copper Corp has offered assistance at a smaller scale to individuals and families, pending the expansion of Company capacity to assist larger groups or populations.

A recent project involved lending a hand to a local farm owner whose well had collapsed due to loose rocks, which had left the family without access to fresh water within walking distance of their home.

Consolidated Copper Corp supported the Wandelberg family by using our resources to restore the well. This involved redrilling the borehole, removing the loose rocks and inserting a casing in the borehole to prevent future erosion. The owner was relieved and very grateful to have the well repaired and water again accessible.