Copper in the Green Energy Transition

Critical Uses of Copper within Clean Energy Technologies

As the world moves towards net zero emissions to counteract the onset of climate change, greater reliance on clean energy technologies, like solar panels and wind turbines; as well as increased utilisation of electric vehicles (EVs) and battery storage, is required. Base metals and minerals that make such technologies are going to be essential for the green energy transition.

Deemed a cornerstone for any energy related technologies generally, copper demand is projected to rise 30 times more from now to 2050. The properties of copper are highly favourable and make them functionally critical to the making of renewable energy sources, triggering a demand revival of one of the oldest known metals, as it breaks into new markets.

Globally, despite the growing demand in copper, comparatively few large copper deposits have been discovered in the last decade. This reinforces the need to fully utilise existing identified copper reserves.

Consolidated Copper Corp is on track to contribute a significant copper resource to help meet accelerating global demand for clean energy technologies. We have identified highly prospective copper deposits, which have the infrastructure in place ready to be quickly tapped for future mining.

Sustainable and Responsible Solutions in Copper Mining

Consolidated Copper Corp is a copper mining company focussed on discovering and delivering products critical in transitioning the planet to a green energy future.

Supported by sustainable, long-life mines and renewable energy sources, we are engineering solutions to fully utilise existing copper reserves by creating responsible restart plans within our copper mines in Namibia.

As well as mining for green energy minerals, we are seeking to capitalise upon the 300 day long sunshine average in Namibia by harnessing solar energy to contribute to the power demands at our mine sites.

Breathing New Life into Retired Mines

The UN is targeting net-zero emissions by 2050. Consolidated Copper Corp is a part of the global move towards green energy, by taking an operational approach that focuses upon restarting its underutilised mines in Namibia as opposed to mining new territory.

Consolidated Copper Corp has within its portfolio of assets three mining operations: Tschudi in the northeast, Central Operations (comprised of two mine sites, Matchless and Otjihase), near Windhoek and Berg Aukas (a high-grade zinc mine), close to Grootfontein. We are focussed on producing consistently high-grade copper to be part of the solution.

Led by a team of highly experienced mining professionals who have achieved numerous past successes while operating in a similar manner, Consolidated Copper Corp is confident in our ability to mine responsibly and supply a copper resource that will contribute to the green energy transition at large.

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