Implementing Global ESG Standards in African Operations

Consolidated Copper Corp prioritises responsible environmental management, continuously enhancing its environmental performance, reflecting our commitment to effective stewardship.

Recognising the environmental impact of traditional mining methods, we are adopting a sustainable, engagement centred approach across all operations, consulting with all stakeholders to implement measurable and sustainable practices.

This commitment includes exploring renewable energy sources to power our operations, implementing meticulous environment management policies around our mining facilities, ensuring responsible resource utilisation while building everything for the ground up with local participation and beneficiation.

Leading the Transition to Green Energy

Woven into the fabric of Consolidated Copper Corp’s vision and mission, it is critical that we minimise the carbon footprint of our operations.

With Namibia identified as a country of abundant sustainable power alternatives, Consolidated Copper Corp is well positioned to implement renewable energy solutions that can assist in reducing the effects of climate change.

At Consolidated Copper Corp, we are proud to be working towards a sustainable future through our investment in numerous green energy alternatives, to be deployed across our operations in varying capacities.

Currently, we are exploring the possibilities of entering into a power purchasing agreement to take solar energy from the major solar plant, Mega Solar, a joint venture between Namibia and Botswana. When complete, Mega Solar will become one of the world’s largest solar energy producing projects.

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