About Us

Developing a 'Green' Copper Industry in Southern Africa

Consolidated Copper Corp (CCC) is pioneering a unique ‘direct-to-manufacturer’ copper supply chain, catering to end users seeking: clean; sustainably sourced; and responsibly produced copper.

Founded in 2022 by natural resource executives with a proven track record in developing and operating large-scale mines across Africa, the CCC team uses this to leverage its extensive experience in the mine development process. The Board and Management are all seasoned professionals having held senior leadership roles with major mining companies.

At the core of CCC’s strategy lies the sustainable and responsible restart of three copper mines in Namibia: Tschudi, Otjihase, and Matchless. These mines boast a historical record of producing copper cathode and concentrate that meet stringent international standards. Additionally, CCC has acquired the Berg Aukas lead and zinc mine with restart planning underway.

CCC is committed to re-engineering and investing in these assets, ensuring they become long-term, sustainable contributors to the global economy’s transition towards carbon neutrality.

Committed to Corporate Citizenship

CCC’s highly experienced board and management team have developed and operated some of Africa’s most successful mines.

In recognition of their common values – our team has committed to delivering copper direct to local and international markets via a sustainable, transparent, and community centric platform.

CCC’s most prized values are corporate citizenship and its social licence to operate. We’re committed to maximising local employment opportunities for Namibians, as well as investing in local community sustainability projects.

Namibia has a long history of successful mining operations, supported by localised workforces. At CCC, we are striving to develop the next generation of natural resource focused employment and stewardship initiatives across each of our mines.

Tom Alweendo, Minister of Mines and Energy of Namibia has thrown his support behind Consolidated Copper Corp.

“Whilst we have been able to develop some excellent mines, there is a massive potential for expansion and new discoveries through exploration in partnership with local Namibians.

Our government stands ready to support companies such as CCC (Ongopolo) in their restart.

Credible investors, such as Mr John Sisay CEO and shareholder of CCC, are welcomed and encouraged to achieve their ambitions to develop copper potential in Namibia.”

Sustainable Stewardship

Overseen by CCC’s CEO, John Sisay – the Tschudi, Otjihase and Matchless mines have been managed through a safe and effective care and maintenance period, preserving major mining and processing infrastructure already in place.

CCC’s restart strategy is focused on utilising historic investments by prior operators whilst upgrading resources and infrastructure to ensure the mine’s long term sustainable future.

Our Namibian portfolio also includes the Berg Aukas zinc project, a feasibility stage development asset which historically supported underground mining operations.